Spikey Issues!

Spike.  My 5 month old wee dude who hit the 4 month sleep regression at the same time the weather got very hot.  That meant his night time sleep got very very bad… from waking once in the night to 4 or 5 times!   Usually waking about 11, then 1, 3, 5 & 6.  

I knew about the 4 month sleep regression, I knew it was because all of a sudden he was more aware of his surroundings and I was prepared for this to go on for one or two weeks.  Not 5.  

I sought advice from my friends – is the room too hot?  Is he actually hungry? Is he just being a baby?  Is this to do with weaning from breast to bottle?  WHEN WILL THIS END I GO BACK TO WORK IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!

I called Plunket – was he too windy? What did they suggest? (Btw trying less bottle at the 11pm wake up and gripe water to reduce wind, trying to resettle before feeding) (tried both things but only for one night which wasn’t going to get me anywhere).

Sleep deprivation is so hard.  It’s hard to know what day it is let alone make decisions on how to fix the not-sleeping issue.  So I just kept riding it out hoping it would end but getting anxious that I was starting back at work soon and would be very very tired if night time didn’t get better.

I had a friend over last weekend and something made me remember that I had a book – “The Baby Whisperer“.  I looked in there and low and behold there was my exact problem with a solution!  Hallelujah! I’m a woman who loves plans so finally having one that was written down and easy to follow made me very happy!

So here’s the plan, and following blogs will be how we went each night and tweaks I’m making along the way.  

1) Feed at first waking as per normal.

2) Add on 4 hours – this is where he should next feed at a minimum (eg if awake at 11pm, next feed at 3am). 

3) If he wakes earlier (which he will), resettle for up to 45 mins. If still awake and annoyed after 45 mins then feed.  If asleep, put back to bed.

4) repeat steps 2 & 3

Oh – I’m Naomi btw, married to David.  We have 2 sons – Hugh is 4 years old and Spike is 5 months old.


It’s been a few nights…

And things have got better! Hooray! We’d booked a sleep consultant from Baby Sleep Consultants and we met with the lovely Daniella today to make even more tweaks to Spike’s routine.

Tonight. Oh tonight. It might be rough. I can’t give Spike a bottle before 1am because he’s feeding too much at night and not enough in the day… which we knew but couldn’t figure out how to change it.

We’ve also added white noise and he’s got a cuddly blanket thing too (not that he’s figured that out yet).

So. Tonight I put my “you can do this” mantra through it’s paces.





Last night I had the strangest dream…

Because Spike slept from midnight til 4am!!!!!

The Night wasn’t perfect, he woke around 10pm and we couldn’t figure out why.

Then he was up around 11.30pm hungry.

At 4am he wasn’t hungry but was happy and awake. I think he had a bit of a bottle around 5? I can’t remember… I do know we got some sleep there and were up just after 6.

So I call that good progress 🙂

The “Night in Haiku” Night


Hello time to sleep

No self settling tonight

Sleep well my baby


Time for a bottle

Drink it all up then burp

Back to sleep baby


Expected? This is

Rock the baby back to sleep

Hope he sleeps til 4


Oh gosh here we go

Bottle time, he is hungry

No he’s not, oh well


Really? Really? Ugh

Rock-a-bye baby

Yes! He’s back asleep


Are you hungry, Spike?

Nope. Are you tired Spike? Nope.

He coos til 5.45

The crying starts up

But I try to ignore it

We get up at 6

The “What night are we up to?” Night

I am so over this – I want sleep! Night 4. Surely tonight is the night that the post midnight sleep angels will do their thing. Just give me 4 hours of solid sleep past midnight. Please.


Up at 12, drank a full bottle.

2am resettled for like 10min which was ok.

3.30 awake again, tried to resettle til 4 but gave up at 3.50 cos he was grumpy as and he drank a full bottle!

Then he woke just after 6 but I ignored him til 6.45 cos I’m so tired. (He was fine, just cooing and grizzling on and off).

What I struggle to understand is he self settles to sleep at night but he wakes and doesn’t go back to sleep. So annoying.

Night 5 tonight. I can do this, he can do this. It’s on.

The “I’m Tired” Night

Night Three. I was tired. I knew this would be difficult but I went into it enthusiastic and ready for the challenge.

My enthusiasm went away as I fell asleep…

7.30pm down for the night but didn’t fall asleep until 8pm

11.30pm woke for a bottle

2.50am woke and I was supposed to rock to delay the bottle til 3.30 but instead I caved! Spike only drunk 40ml so obviously was not hungry.

4.30am woke, rocked for 10min and he was asleep so I put him back to bed.

5.30am woke, had 100ml

7.30am woke for the day.

Lesson: keep up rocking thru after that 11pm/12am wake up cos he doesn’t need more at 3am.

The Interesting Night

Night two. That was an interesting one!

7pm to bed for the night

12am woke for a bottle

2am-ish woke with a burp. Went back to sleep easily.

3.20am woke, rocked back to sleep for about 20min, put back to bed

4.30am awake. Not hungry. Put him back in his cot and he gurgled away until about 5am. We (David and I) just listened to him having a happy time! At 5am he started getting antsy and at that point he had his bottle. He wasn’t ready to settle until 6am and then he only slept til 7.

Not sure what the party at 4.30am was about!